Tom Rørnes, Fisketorget, Bergen


At Fisketorget (the fish market) in Bergen some of the best Norwegian seafood is to be had. You can buy to take home and prepare yourself or taste some of the catch of the day freshly prepared on the market stands.

The gooiest stand of them all has to be Tom Rørnes with its super-friendly employees who called out “We sell fish” as Team Gooi approached. They were clearly dedicated to great service and were friendly and passionate about what they do and the fish they sell.

“This is not a shop or supermarket,” says owner Tom Rørnes. “It’s somewhere to get great produce all-year-round, 95 percent of it caught by local fishermen.”


In spring Tom recommends crab, in winter it’s cod; in spring the world famous Norwegian salmon is definitely at its prime and in the summer there’s a wide choice of fish that’s ideal for grilling outside during those long, sunny Norwegian evenings.

If you’re looking for great fish in Bergen you’ll find the goo at Tom Rørnes whether you’re looking for something to make for dinner or just want to snack on some freshly prepared flavours right away.

Tom’s definitely right when he says: “If you only come to Fisketorget once, you will remember it for the rest of your life.”